Resident Handbook

Leasing Office 612-870-8010
Maintenance Office 612-870-0597

Note: All policies, regulations and any other material contained in this packet are subject to change without notice by Stevens Community. You may obtain copies of the most current policies, procedures and regulations from the rental office.
Revised 11/2011


Dear Resident,

Welcome to Stevens Community Apartments! We are pleased that you have chosen us for your new home and are confident that you will find your new apartment an enjoyable and comfortable place to live. Please be assured that our staff and management will do our best to accommodate your needs in a timely manner.
This handbook was created to provide information for your convenience. We believe that by providing you with a clear understanding of our policies, we are better able to maintain the high quality of living that has become a standard at Stevens Community Apartments (SCA). Please note that it is important for you to read and adhere to the policies and guidelines outlined within this handbook, as well as other documents you have received from SCA.
We invite you to visit our office or call with any questions or concerns you may have, as our staff is here to serve you.


Stevens Community Staff
Important Information

Leasing Office  612-870-8019
Maintenance  612-870-0597

Stevens Community Apartments rental office is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm, seven days a week. We will be closed in observance of the following holidays; New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Our Maintenance Office is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, but you can call 24/7 for a maintenance emergency. Emergencies include; no heat, flowing water into apartment, natural gas smell, no water, no electrical power, sewer back-ups, refrigerator/stove not working, toilet not operating, locked out of apartment, reserved parking (towing unauthorized cars from your parking space).
In order to provide you with prompt service, please leave the following information in your message; full name, phone number, address including apt #, detailed description of situation.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Xcel Energy (electric service) - 1-800-895-4999
Comcast (cable/internet) - 1-800-COMCAST
Century Link (phone/internet) - 1-800-244-1111
United States Post Office - 1-800-825-8777
Main Minneapolis Office: 100 S. 1st St, Minneapolis, MN 55440
Loring Sub-Station: 18 N. 12th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Snow Emergency Info. - 612-348-SNOW
City Impound Lot - 612-673-5777
Cedar Towing - 612-721-6645
Metro Transit - 612-373-3333
Police Emergency - 911
Police Non-Emergency - 612-348-2345
Stevens Square Community Organization - 612-871-7307
City of Minneapolis Info. Line - 311
Voter Information - 612-673-2070
Ward 6, Precinct 3 polling place: 122 W. Franklin Ave (entrance on Pillsbury)
More helpful information is available in our Resource Packet, available in the SCA rental office.

Your Lease

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms of your lease and the rules and regulations of Stevens Community Apartments (SCA). YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR READING AND UNDERSTANDING THESE DOCUMENTS. You will have received copies of these documents at the time you signed your lease. You may obtain copies of your lease and lease addendums at the Rental Office at any time during your tenancy here. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the Rental Office for assistance.

Rent Payments

Rent is due on the first (1st) day of the month, and must be received in the Rental Office. If payment is not received in full by 6:00 on the third, a $50.00 late fee will be charged to your account. You may pay with a check, money order or by credit or debit card (with the exception of Discover cards). Cash payments are not accepted. Please make your check or money order payable to SCA and include your name and address on the memo line of your payment. It is not necessary to put your payment in an envelope. You may also deposit payments through the mail slot in the Rental Office door after hours if necessary. Late or delayed payments must be approved by the Credit Manager and submitted in writing before they will be accepted.

Things to Know About Your Neighborhood
Stevens Community is conveniently nestled just south of Downtown Minneapolis in the historic Stevens Square neighborhood. We are centrally located among many of our city's amenities and attractions, with easy access to major freeways 94 and 35W, as well as close proximity to several bus lines and bicycling routes. 
Within walking distance of the downtown Skyway System, local parks and museums such as the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center, this is an attractive place to call home. Cosmopolitan shopping and dining experiences are close at hand on Nicollet Mall and within Uptown Minneapolis, also just a hop and a skip away.

SCA proudly supports the Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO), which is a non-profit citizen's group serving our neighborhood. The organization coordinates activities that include community gardens, arts events such as the Red Hot Art festival and summer movies and music in Stevens Square Park. SSCO also leads a community-based neighborhood watch, and is an active and visible part of our neighborhood. You may contact them at 612-874-2840 or go to

Things to Know About Your Building

The entrance to your building is restricted access. Only you, your resident neighbors, SCA employees and invited guests are permitted in the building. For your own security, and the security of your neighbors, we ask that you do not prop open security doors for any reason. Make sure entrance doors close behind you and never let someone follow you into the building or "buzz" someone in who you do not know. If you notice anyone behaving suspiciously in or around your building, call 911 with a description of the person(s), the suspicious activity and where you last saw them. Please inform the Rental Office as well, so we may take appropriate action.

On your move-in day, you will receive two building keys and two apartment keys from the Rental Office. If there is a third person on your lease, please request an additional set. You will also be provided with a move-in inspection sheet, which you are to complete and return to the Maintenance Office in exchange for your mailbox key. All keys must be returned to Stevens Community upon vacating your apartment.

If you lose any of your keys and need a replacement, you may contact our Maintenance Office during their hours of operation to have replacements cut. There will be a nominal fee assessed for each key replaced, and proper photo identification will be required. Residents are not permitted to install special locks on their apartment doors without providing a key to management. If you request that your lock be changed, Maintenance will perform this service for you for a $50.00 service charge.


If you are locked out of your apartment during office hours, please contact the Maintenance Office. With proper identification, a Stevens Community staff member will unlock your door. If you are locked out of your apartment after office hours, you should contact maintenance at 612-870-0597 and follow the instructions to leave a message for the emergency maintenance staff on call. Please be sure to leave the following information in your message; full name, phone number, address including apt #, detailed description of situation. There will be a $50.00 charge to be let into your apartment after hours.

We encourage you to respect the cleanliness of your building's common areas (hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms and all access areas) as you would your own apartment. Common areas are to be kept clear and clean at all times. Do not store bikes, boxes, garbage, etc. in these areas. If such items must be removed from common areas, and are identified as the belongings of a given apartment, that apartment will be assessed a $10.00 fee per item removed. Storage lockers are available for $5 a month should you require additional space for personal items.

No soliciting is permitted in Stevens Community buildings unless approved by management. You are encouraged to contact the Rental Office if you are aware of any solicitation in your building. We do like to support our community, however, so please feel free to bring notice of events you may be participating in to our office for the community board. If approved, we may select some of these to be featured in our news page, viewable at; /monthly-news.asp.

Apartment in General

The following suggestions will help with the care and maintenance of your apartment, and if performed as specified, will help reduce the need for service calls.

1. The color of your apartment walls is a standard color used throughout Stevens Community. As a rule, we do not allow painting, wallpaper or any other permanent or semi-permanent surface treatment to the walls of your apartment. Maintenance re-paints apartments as they are turned over for new tenants. If you are a long-term resident with questions in regards to this matter, please contact the Rental Office.
2. Use picture hangers to hang framed pictures and other decorations on the walls. Do not use adhesive picture hooks, they will do damage that will be considered more than normal wear and tear, which you will be charged for when you move out.
3. To maintain your hardwood floor, dust mop once a week to keep dirt accumulation in check. Spills can be cleaned by lightly damp mopping the floor. Be careful to use a damp mop, not wet, as excess water will damage the floor. Do not wax or polish, as the film left behind from various products will accumulate over time, collecting fine particles that are difficult to remove unless the floors are sanded and refinished.
4. To keep your woodwork looking shiny and new, periodically wipe-down your baseboards and crown molding, as well as any built-in cabinetry you may have with a little lemon oil. This will remove dust, create a pleasant aroma, and give a welcoming glow to your apartment.
5. Dust your window blinds regularly (this is one of the most frequently missed areas when you move out).
6. SCA buildings are equipped with a central radiator heating system. Your radiators will have a shut-off valve and an air pressure release valve. Hissing and/or breathing sounds may be heard around the air pressure release valve. This is normal and not a cause for alarm. Do not completely shut off your radiators, this will trap water in the lines, creating loud banging noises as it tries to escape. Do not obstruct your radiator with clothing, furniture, or other objects. In order for your radiator to heat properly, air must be able to completely circulate around it. Call the Maintenance Office immediately if water is continuously dripping or running from any radiator, or to report any broken valves.
7. SCA buildings were built before central air conditioning had been developed. If you wish, you may furnish your own window A/C unit, and call our Maintenance Office to have it installed and/or removed at the end of the Summer. Follow all operating instructions that come with you¡¯re A/C unit to keep it running properly. Be sure to close all storm windows and interior windows before Winter sets-in to keep your apartment warm.
8. You are responsible for replacing any light bulbs that burn out in any fixture in your apartment. If a fixture malfunctions contact the Maintenance Office immediately.

Kitchen Tips and Info

1. Never pour hot grease down the drain, it will solidify and clog the drain as soon as it cools. Do not wash food waste down the kitchen sink drain. Your apartment comes equipped with sink stops to keep food particles and other debris from clogging your sink, please use them.
2. Do not use Drain-O or similar products to unclog drains. Drain-O and other chemical unclogging agents were originally intended for galvanized and steel piping, which is no longer used in new construction or renovation. These chemicals will break down the composition of PVC piping. It will literally disintegrate your piping along with the clog. Call the Maintenance Office to get your drain unclogged.
3. Line the bottom of your oven and burners with aluminum foil or stove burner liners, leaving room for adequate ventilation around gas burner parts and electric elements. This will make is easy to clean your stovetop and oven.
4. It is a good idea to turn on the hood fan above your stovetop while you are cooking. This will help keep vaporized cooking oils and odors from sticking to surfaces in your apartment and escaping into the hallways.

Bathroom Tips and Info

1. Claw foot bathtubs with oval shower curtain hangers require TWO SETS OF SHOWER CURTAINS and shower rings. Install both shower curtains before using your shower. Be sure to place the bottoms of both shower curtains inside the bathtub when in use. If necessary, cut shower curtains to length. Call the Maintenance Office if you have any questions.
2. Learn where the water shut-offs are for your sinks, bathtub and shower. If you develop a leak in any of them, you will be able to reduce the amount of damage done before maintenance arrives by turning the water off. Call the Maintenance Office immediately to report any leaks.
3. You must furnish your own toilet plunger. Use the plunger if your toilet is plugged or drains slower than normal. If the toilet overflows, turn the valve under the tank clockwise until the water stops filling the tank. If you are unable to correct the problem, immediately notify the Maintenance Office.
4. Use only non-abrasive cleaners to keep your bathtub, sink, shower and tile clean.

Laundry Facilities

Token-operated washers and dryers are located in the basements of all buildings except 1800 Stevens (residents of 1800 Stevens Ave. have access to the laundry room in 1808 Stevens Ave). The laundry machines only accept token coins, available from the SCA rental office. The cost is $.25 per token and four tokens ($1.00 worth of tokens) are required for each washer and dryer load. All laundry rooms are controlled access, so you will need to bring your building key with you to access laundry facilities.

Do not leave your laundry unattended. Unfortunately, SCA cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen articles. Please keep laundry rooms clean by picking up after yourself, and depositing trash in the containers provided. Clean the dryer vents after each use, depositing dryer lint in trash containers as well. Do not leave 'free' piles of clothing or household items in the laundry rooms, as this creates more work for your building caretaker when items are not claimed. Please bring these things to a donation center such as the Goodwill or Savers.

Do not overload the machines. If you overload the washers, they will not clean your clothes effectively, rinse out the soap completely, or spin the water out of your clothes. This will result in your clothes not drying in a timely fashion, as well as causing damage to your clothing. If the proper amount of clothing is placed in the dryer, one cycle is all that should be required to dry clothing. Additionally, overloading machines causes the moving parts to work harder than they are designed to, and will cause damage to the machines.

If a machine malfunctions, please contact the Maintenance Office immediately, so that the machine can be repaired. If you have lost tokens in the machine, do not keep putting additional tokens into it. Come to the Leasing Office during business hours for reimbursement and to submit a maintenance request for that machine.

Trash Removal and Recycling

Garbage dumpsters are located behind each building for your household trash. Please place your trash inside the dumpster, not on top of or alongside it. Do not leave trash in the common areas or outside your door as you will be charged $10.00 per item for its removal. Additionally, do not leave oversized items like couches and mattresses by the dumpsters, they are your responsibility to remove from the premises and dispose of, and are not part of our regular garbage collection service. Your account will be charged a per-item fee if SCA has to dispose of furniture items for you.

Recycling bins are located behind the buildings, adjacent to the garbage dumpsters. Please help SCA's recycling initiative by sorting your recyclables into two containers, one for paper and cardboard, and the second for glass, cans and plastic containers. The recycling bins are clearly marked to indicate which materials to deposit in each container, doing so will help our community reduce its environmental impact, and helps the City of Minneapolis pay for essential services that you enjoy as a resident here.

Utilities & Services

All utilities (Heat, gas, water/sewer, trash removal) are paid for by SCA, except for electricity, phone, internet and cable TV. Cable television is available in all apartments, however, you are responsible for subscribing to this service and for paying any fees involved with installation. Satellite dishes are not permitted on the building's exterior.

You are responsible for contacting the appropriate service providers to establish service in your name, and also for disconnecting service when you move out. Telephone numbers for some of these services are located in the 'Helpful Phone Numbers' section at the beginning of this packet. If any of these companies require access to service panels in the building's mechanical rooms, you must schedule them to come out during maintenance hours.

All SCA buildings are heated by a central boiler system, which will act as your apartment's primary heat source. If your apartment has a supplemental electric heating unit, operated by a separate thermostat, be aware that the use of this unit will be reflected on your electric bill.

If a circuit breaker "pops", causing power to go out in part of your apartment, it is caused by overloading appliances on a particular circuit. If the circuit breaker panel is located in your apartment, disconnect the appliances being used on the circuit, and re-set that breaker by flipping the switch back to its original position. You may then re-plug your appliances, keeping in mind that using all of them at once overloaded the circuit in the first place. Contact the Maintenance Office if you are unsure of what to do, or if the breaker is not in your apartment.

U.S. Mail
It is your responsibility to notify the post office of your new address. You can obtain a Change-of-Address kit from the nearest Post Office, the Loring Sub-Station (address located in the 'Helpful Phone Numbers' at the beginning of this packet), or visit to update your address online. Be sure to put your name on the outside of your mailbox as soon as you move in, since the Post Office will not deliver mail without it.

If you receive a package that is too large for your mailbox, a notice will be placed in your mailbox or on your building's front door to notify you that the package is being held in the Leasing Office. It is the responsibility of the delivery service to notify you that a package has been left in the office, however, SCA will try to provide a courtesy call. Please pick up all packages as soon as possible, during office hours, as storage space is limited. Unclaimed packages will be returned to the sender if not picked-up within two weeks. SCA cannot sign for packages and will not accept packages for non-residents. We receive packages on our resident's behalf as a courtesy, and cannot be responsible for lost or stolen parcels.

Rental Insurance

SCA cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of personal property.

For this reason, SCA highly recommends that you purchase renters insurance to protect your personal belongings. For a relatively low cost, renters insurance will cover your personal property against loss or damage from many natural disasters, fire, theft, water damage, etc. Policies are readily available from most insurance providers, including auto insurance carriers (often, you will receive a discount for carrying multiple policies with the same company). Individual policies and coverage will vary - ask your agent for details.

Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking is primarily available on-street, and does not require a permit from the City. Off-street parking is available for an additional $30-60.00 per month. You may obtain an off-street parking space from our Leasing Office. If there are no spaces available in the lot you desire, you can request to have your name added to the waiting list for that lot. The rental office will contact you by mail when one becomes available.
Please do not park in fire lanes or reserved spaces if you do not have a parking agreement with SCA, as doing so can put your car at risk of getting towed at your own expense. Cars towed by maintenance will be held by Cedar Towing (612-721-6646), with fees start at $230.00. If someone parks in your reserved space, call the Maintenance Office. When you call to have another car towed, please give your name, address, telephone number, parking space number, and a description of the car illegally parked in your space, including their license plate number.

Residents and/or their guests are not permitted to store boats, motor homes, campers, trailers, junked or inoperable automobiles, or other such vehicles in the parking lots for longer than two weeks. Vehicles must be legally operable, with current license and registration, or they are liable to be ticketed and towed by the City. Please be aware of the City's unsigned parking restrictions as well (visit the City's website at for full details).

During the winter months, listen to the radio and/or watch the local news for instructions on where to park when the City is going to plow the streets. The City can declare a Snow Emergency after a significant snow fall of 3-5 inches or greater. It is your responsibility to understand and follow all winter parking regulations. The City has the right to tow cars that are not in compliance with these rules at the owner's expense. Cars towed by the City will be ticketed for non-compliance during a Snow-Emergency, and will be held at the City of Minneapolis Impound Lot (612-673-5777), and will be assessed a minimum $140.00 tow fee.

For your safety and convenience, it is our goal to keep the parking lots and sidewalks free from ice and snow. SCA parking lots will be plowed whenever snow accumulation exceeds two inches. There is not a plowing schedule for SCA lots, maintenance will plow around parked cars, to the best of their ability. Sidewalks and stairs will be shoveled and salted on an ongoing basis. Please notify our offices if there is an accumulation of ice in any of these areas.

The City's Snow Emergency parking guidelines are given below, which will be in effect for 48-hours after the first plow hits the road on Day 1 of a Snow Emergency.

Day 1 - 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. (overnight)

A Snow Emergency will be declared no later than 6 p.m. on any given day. At 9 p.m. on that day, Snow Emergency parking rules begin.

Park on either side of non-Snow Emergency routes (these streets DO NOT have the red sign: Snow Emergency Route). Do not park on either side of the street with the red sign: Snow Emergency Route. Snow plows will clear those streets first.

Day 2 - 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

At 8 a.m., Day Two parking rules begin.

Park on the odd side of non-Snow Emergency Route streets (example: house address number 1359 Maple or 2513 17th Ave.). You may park on either side of streets with the red sign: Snow Emergency Route. Do not park on the EVEN side of non-Snow Emergency routes. (Example: house address number: 1356 Maple or 2512 17th Ave.) Do not park on either side of parkways.

Day 3 - 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

At 8 a.m., Day Three parking rules begin.

Park on even side of non-Snow Emergency Route streets. (Example: house address number: 1356 Maple or 2512 17th Ave.). You may park on either side of streets marked with the red sign: Snow Emergency Route and you may park on parkways. Do not park on the ODD side of non-Snow Emergency Route streets (example: house address number 1359 or 2513 17th Ave).

After a street is fully plowed, feel free to park there, even if Snow Emergency parking rules are still in effect. Fully plowed means the street is completely cleared and plowed as wide as possible. Plows may come through more than once, so make sure that it is fully plowed as wide as possible before parking. 

For 24 hour information on Snow Emergencies, call 612-348-SNOW, or access the City's website at to be added to their automatic phone, text or e-mail notification system.

Bike Storage

You may store bicycles in your apartment, storage locker, or secured to the bike racks outside of the buildings. Please use the rear entrance of the building when transporting your bike, and be careful not to scuff or damage the walls, floors or stairwells. Bicycles may NOT be stored in common areas, hallways, stairwells or railings/fences on SCA grounds, as they are an obstruction to egress, and against fire code. Bikes stored in these areas will be removed by maintenance staff.

Storage Lockers

If you need additional storage space for personal belongings, storage lockers are available in most buildings for a $5.00 monthly fee (1811 1st Ave. apartments come with a locker keyed to each apartment). Please note that storage of personal items is at your own risk, and SCA cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of personal property from locker spaces. Contact the Rental Office for more information and current availability of storage lockers.

Balconies and Patios

Only items such as plants, pots, and outdoor furniture should be stored on balconies, patios or lawn spaces. Do not hang blankets, towels, rugs, etc. over outdoor railings or fences, and do not store bikes, motorcycles, or other large items in these areas. This type of clutter greatly detracts from the exterior appearance of the building.

Grilling or barbecuing on decks, patios, in parking lots or on the stoop of any building is a fire hazard, and is prohibited by SCA. Under chapter 178 of the Minneapolis code of ordinances (and your lease), grills must be at least 20 feet away from any structure. There are stationary grills installed throughout Stevens Square Park for your enjoyment, please take advantage of this community resource as an alternative to personal grills.

It is recommended that you refrain from keeping bird feeders on your balcony or patio. They create a tremendous mess for the residents living below and around you, and tend to attract nuisance animals rather than songbirds. If you choose to have one and it becomes a problem for your neighbors, management reserves the right to remove the feeder. In addition to this, we strongly discourage feeding squirrels, as they quickly become too friendly for comfort, and are very capable of fending for themselves.

Pet Policy
Cats are permitted in all buildings with prior written consent from the Leasing Office. Dogs under 40 pounds (at adult weight) are permitted in most buildings, with the exception of 2011 3rd Ave., 209 19th St., 1811 1st Ave., 2nd & Franklin buildings and all carpeted apartments. Dogs also require prior written consent from the office. In addition to this, you will need to file a picture and accurate weight with the Leasing Office. No more than two pets are allowed per apartment. There is an additional monthly charge of $10.00 per month per cat, and $20.00 per month per dog. All animals must be leashed while in the hallways, common areas, and grounds in general.

All pets require a $200.00 non-refundable pet initiation fee. A $100.00 refundable pet deposit will also be added to your overall security deposit. Owners are responsible for their animals soiling, digging, chewing, or otherwise damaging or destroying property in the apartments and/or common areas. Any resident permitting an animal to behave in such a manner will be required to make restitution. Visiting or part-time animals are not allowed on property without prior authorization from management.

Please note that in addition to SCA's rules & regulations, the City of Minneapolis also has guidelines relating to the maintenance of pets within city limits. Minneapolis Ordinance No. 64.50(c) states: 'Any resident or guest having the custody or control of an animal is responsible for cleaning up any feces left by the animal and disposing of it in a safe and sanitary manner. It is also the duty of the resident or guest to have in his or her possession suitable equipment for picking up, removing and disposing of any feces left by the animal. Any infraction of this rule is in violation of this ordinance and subject to a $100.00 fine'.

In regards to dogs disturbing the peace, Minneapolis Ordinance No. 64.90 states that: 'It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep, have in his possession, or harbor any dog which by frequent and habitual howling, yelping, barking, or otherwise, shall produce noise that unreasonably disturbs the peace, quiet, or repose of a person or persons of ordinary sensibility'. These are also policies of Stevens Community, and those who violate these rules may be reported to Animal Control.

Noise and Neighbor Policy
Your apartment is your home and your neighbor's apartments are their homes. Please respect each other's rights to peace, quiet, and safety. Do not allow children or pets to wander the building unattended. Please contact the Leasing Office if you see unattended children or pets in your building's common areas.

If you wish to make a complaint about your neighbor, please do so in writing at the Leasing Office. Phone calls and third-person complaints will be taken seriously, however, it is easier to keep track of and act on complaints with written documentation. Please include the apartment number of the person(s) who are causing the disturbance, as well as the date and time of the incident. Be specific and include as much information as possible.

You should feel free to call 911 to report loud music, suspicious activity, fights, strangers in the building or any other threat to your rights of peace, quiet, and safety. SCA Management is here to address resident issues, but the Police should always be called first in the event of an emergency.

Safety Issues

1. Identify your mailbox by last name only.
2. Never let a stranger follow you through your building's entrance doors. Never admit strangers to the building! If someone you don't know is fumbling for keys in the lobby, DO NOT ASSUME THEY LIVE THERE. If they are supposed to be in the building, they will have keys of their own or will be let in by someone who knows them.
3. Never "buzz" someone in until you have identified that person. If a stranger tells you they are going to visit one of your neighbors, tell them they have to wait until that neighbor lets them in.
4. IT IS A LEASE VIOLATION TO PROP OPEN ENTRY DOORS. Please make sure that all entry doors close fully behind you, as unauthorized individuals may take the opportunity to enter the building. This is the easiest and most effective way to maintain a secure building for yourself and your neighbors.
5. Never give out copies of your building or apartment keys, or let someone who is not on your lease borrow them. It only takes a few minutes to copy keys.
6. If you would like to give someone access to your apartment in your absence, you must notify the rental office in writing prior to your absence.
7. Keep all doors to your apartment locked at all times, even if you will only be gone for a short time. Make sure to lock your windows, especially if you live on the garden level or first floor.
8. Call 911 to report illegal or suspicious activity before you call the Leasing Office. The Police will be able to be more responsive if they get the information directly from you, rather than second hand through the Rental Office.
9. Get to know your neighbors. You will be better equipped to identify who isn't supposed to be in the building if you know who should be there.
10. SCA does not accept cash payments for rent. Use money orders, checks or a credit card. Be sure to include your name and complete address with apartment number on all payments.

In Case Of Fire
Plan an escape route in case of a fire. The buildings are fully equipped with smoke detectors, emergency lights and fire alarms. The alarms are extremely sensitive and will activate whenever there is excess smoke, therefore, smoking is not permitted in the hallways or other common areas. If you see smoke or feel excessive heat coming from an apartment, storage area or laundry room, please call 911 immediately. Never assume that someone else has already reported the fire. If the alarms in the building hallways are sounding, the Fire Department has already been electronically notified.

If a fire alarm is sounded, please take the following precautions:

1. Feel the apartment door before opening it. If the door feels hot, or if smoke is escaping underneath it, DO NOT open the door. Insert a wet towel under the door and open the window for air. Hang a white towel from the window to let rescue workers know where you are.
2. If the door is cool, leave your apartment and immediately exit the building through the nearest door. DO NOT return to the apartment until the alarm is silenced and the fire department has authorized residents to re-enter the building.

Moving Out

Your lease ends at 12:00pm (noon) on the last day of the month, in the month your lease specifies. You are required to give two full months written notice to vacate, regardless of whether your lease is month-to-month or a term lease. Please note that this is two full calendar months and not 60 days. Failure to give proper notice is a violation of your lease and may result in the forfeiture of your security deposit as well as having a negative impact on your rental history.

Before turning-in keys at move-out, you must schedule a walk through inspection with the Maintenance Office. Please do this ten days before moveout, as they will have multiple apartments to inspect that same day. Your apartment will need to be empty, cleaned and ready for you to surrender your keys. It is highly recommended that you be present for the inspection. If you are not present, you will have no recourse should maintenance assess any damage charges during the walk-through in your absence.

Please provide the Rental Office with your forwarding address as soon as possible. Your security deposit disposition will be mailed to the address you have provided on the twenty-first day of the month after your lease ends and you have vacated the apartment. Please remember to discontinue all utilities and services set up in your name before vacating, as SCA cannot do this for you, and cannot be held responsible for any charges or resulting billing issues.
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